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Since the introduction of Item411 in 2000, we have fine tuned the processes, added sources, and updated our dealer tools to deliver the finest competitive intelligence product for independent dealers - ever!

The new Item411 is the latest tool in the delivery of our exhaustive database of competitive intelligence.

What's New:

  • Item411 has been completely redesigned using Microsoft's MVC technology.
  • A view switcher link has been added to most pages allowing the user to easily switch between a mobile view/desktop view when on a mobile device.
  • We have added several new Chain Sources to the mix.
  • A new Custom Settings section for those sales reps on the go.
  • New Quick View link buttons are now available on all search results items.
  • We added the ability to input quantity and price when adding an item to bid.
  • And much more to come!
Market Xpert

Essendant Market Xpert is a robust tool to cross-reference competitor product pricing, taking the guess-work out of bid strategy. It is your game-changer for competitive bidding and contract pricing.

Information is power. The more you have, the better you can compete in the market.

  • How does your competition price a specific item?
  • Can you offer a better deal and remain profitable?
  • Can you adjust your price to win that contract?
  • Can you change the product mix to reduce customer budget?
  • Can you substitute private label products to change the bid?

Market Xpert arms you with the information to win business without losing profitability. Market Xpert is your tool for making informed decisions about margin management and pricing strategy.

Please Note: Market Xpert was designed in cooperation with Essendant to provide an enhanced version of Item411 to Essendant first call customers. If you are a Essendant first call customer and would like to switch to Market Xpert, please contact us with your request.


You can now take advantage of Item411's comprehensive chain data regardless of your back-end system provider.

Connect411 connects Item411 to your back-end system making contract creation and updating simple and easy.

Using Scheduler411, you can keep your back-end contracts up-to-date with current chain pricing from the Item411 Website.

Available for the most popular system providers including:

  • DDMS
  • Britannia
  • SSI
  • Logicblock

OPSoftware has partnered with several system providers to bring you an integration tool set we call eQuip.

eQuip is an integration tool developed by OPSoftware with the purpose of allowing our customers to choose from the most popular web store providers without concern for the backend system they use.

The basic functions of eQuip are as follows:

  • Download your orders from any of the most popular web store providers
  • Map any new customers to QuickBooks
  • Review, check stock, select order options and send the orders to the wholesaler
  • Post the orders to QuickBooks as an invoice or sales order

Additional features include:

  • Import your customers into QuickBooks
  • Import your stocked items into QuickBooks
  • Process purchase orders created in QuickBooks
  • Review total open order item counts for the possibility of creating carton orders
  • Create Profiles for the purpose of quickly changing the wholesaler options at the order level or line level
  • Receive and process purchase orders
  • Receive and post wholesaler invoices

In addition to the QuickBooks interface, LogicBlock users can:

  • Get your orders via LogicBlock's web service
  • Post the orders directly into your DDMS system!

Please contact us for more information about eQuip.

ADX Management Console

We have finished a new interactive console in order to give dealers more control over their OPSoftware account.

The ADX Management Console gives you control over the following items:

  • Your Companies Profile.
  • Company Options.
  • The ability to limit accessibility to 411 web sites through group or member options.
  • Create group records to specify options that apply to many user members.
  • Create member records. Add members to a group or specify options that only apply to this member.

Every user of Item411 or Market Xpert is allocated two free records in ADX Management Console. If you require more than two records, contact us with your request.

Compare Pricing Web Widget

Add a compare pricing display to your web site!

The OPSoftware compare pricing web widget allows users of virtually any system provider to embed a dynamically created snippet of code into their web page.

Once the widget is embedded on your web site, a display similar to the one above will be shown, only showing the chains that you choose and only showing prices that you match or beat!

Please contact us for more information or visit to get started!

Power Pricing Web Service

Add chain store data and contract pricing to any web site or shopping cart!

Whether you have a custom website or a hosted website, let us show you the advantages available to you via our power pricing web service.

  • Implement Match or Beat pricing...
  • Add chain displays...
  • Create "You Saved" displays...
  • Custom chain, wholesaler, or buying group pricing...
  • Use OPSoftware's search engine...

Please contact us for more information about our power pricing web service.

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Never before has so much power been at the fingertips of independent dealers.

Over bid downloads and counting!

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This year marks the 17th anniversary of OPSoftware and our chain store cross-reference database!

For over seventeen years now, we have fine tuned the processes, added sources, and updated our dealer tools to deliver the finest competitive intelligence product for independent dealers - ever!

And there is LOTS more to come!

Don't have contract pricing or ecommerce integration? Let us show you how to implement a complete ecommerce solution!